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Sarah Jones is an author, podcaster and Emmy award winning journalist with more than a decade of experience. She films, edits, writes, produces and reports her own pieces. And is currently pursuing an over 11 year old dream of creating a news program for everyone. Sarah is one of the top twenty North American Young Leaders chosen by Friends of Europe And in 2022, She authored a children's book explaining the complex concept of war to kids ages five and up. She received the Women Economic Forum's highest honor on International Women's Day 2018 in the Hague when she was named one of their "Women of the Decade" in News & Social Engagement. Sarah was selected as one of the top one thousand most influential Twitter profiles. On more than one occasion she has been invited to advise senior level military planners and government officials - in the US and allied countries - on social technologies. In 2021 she was nominated and participated in the National Security Seminar at the invitation of the Army War College. She also nominated and completed the FBI citizens academy in Indianapolis.  In 2014 she was voted Best Journalist in Social Media by a panel of industry leaders at the Sixth Annual Shorty Awards. Sarah is also an International Women's Media Foundation fellow and a two time International Reporting Project FellowShe is among the top forty female social media influencers for conversations surrounding artificial intelligence.  Sarah started her transition from news-gathering and producing to on-air reporting in 2016.  Sarah has been an Online Media Awards judge and Skoll World Forum delegate since 2015. She also founded the international moment of silence and online event to help remember fallen journalists with co-partners like the Committee to Protect Journalists and the UN Foundation's Plus Social Good. The event reached over 9 million people in its first year and in person events were held around the world.


Deep Dive

Sarah Jones is an Emmy award winning journalist with over a decade of experience who films, reports on-air, edits and produces.  Sarah has a passion for attracting young audiences to hard news and has a large social media following that is mostly between the ages of 13 and 35 years old.

When she was a reporter in Indianapolis, a local rapper even wrote a song about her.










In 2022, Sarah Jones wrote a book for kids explaining the difficult

concept of war.

'A Kids Book About War'

is meant to aid

grownups through the

difficult conversation

they eventually might

have to have explaining

war to the children in their lives.

Sarah was selected

as one of the top 20

North American Young

Leaders by Friends of

Europe (EYL40). And in

2021, she was nominated and invited to participate in the Army War College's National Security Seminar. Sarah was also nominated and invited to participate in the FBI's Citizen Academy in Indianapolis. She's a 2018 International Women's Foundation Fellow.

And on International Women's Day 2018 in

the Hague the

Women Economic

Forum awarded

Sarah with its

highest honor, the

"Women of the

Decade" in News

and Social Engagement.

In 2017, the European Center for Security Studies invited Sarah to present on Strategizing Social Technologies to an audience of senior level Kazakh government officials.  The previous year she was selected as one of the top one thousand most influential Twitter profiles from across the worlds of marketing, advertising, digital and media by The Drum, IBM's Watson and Twitter. That same year per the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies' request Sarah spoke about the impact of social media on war to an audience of 120 mid to senior level military planners mainly from - US CENTCOM and its subordinate commands; as well as participants representing Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. 


Sarah obtained her Hostile Environment and Emergency First Aid Training Certification from Pangolin Group (HEFAT 2016, valid for three years ). In 2015, She received an honorable mention from the Moscow International Foto Awards for photos she took while reporting in Manila on health and sanitation as a 2015 International Reporting Project (IRP) Fellow. In 2014 Sarah was

named Best Journalist in Social Media by Muck Rack at the 6th Annual Shorty Awards. That same year Sarah was one of ten international journalists chosen by the International Reporting Project to report on health in Mozambique as an IRP New Media Fellow. 


Sarah is also behind the annual international moment of silence and online event to help

remember fallen

journalists on

May 3rd with the

support of the

UN's Plus Social

Good, the

Committee to



MuckRack and others. #Remembering Fallen Journalists reached over 9 million people via social media in its first year.

For four consecutive years (2015-2018) Sarah has been a delegate at the Skoll World Forum at Oxford University and she has been part of the judging panel for the Online Media Awards (OMA's) since 2015.  Sarah is a member of  Chatham House, the Frontline Freelance Register, the National Press Club, the Chartered Institute for Journalists and Investigative Reporters and Editors. Sarah Jones is a native English speaker and can communicate in Arabic at an upper intermediate level in both Modern Standard and Colloquial forms of the language.

Sarah Jones is

currently based in

New York City and

a director of public

affairs for a financial

firm. She is also 

pursuing her dreams of creating a news

program for everyone called "Seen and Heard."

Prior to moving to New York, Sarah worked as a local news reporter in a large market station in one of the top twenty largest cities in America. Sarah appeared on-air five days a week for NBC/WTHR/Channel 13 Eyewitness News in Indianapolis and was a "one-man-band," who

shot, wrote,

edited, and


her own


including the


winning and

two Emmy nominated pieces.

Sarah is passionate about giving back and immersing


in whatever

community she

visits or lives in.

She has

Emceed numerous community events and helped raise tens of

thousands of dollars for

local organizations

dedicated to serving

homeless veterans,

women in STEM, breast

cancer patients, homeless

school children, and Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.


In 2018, she was one of six journalists selected by the International Women's Media Foundation to report from South Sudan as IWMF Great Lakes Fellows. Prior to deciding to move back to the States in 2017, Sarah was based in Turkey for two years working for TRT World as a full time On-air Reporter. Before moving to Turkey in 2015 Sarah was based in New York City. She moved to New York in May 2013 for a full-time news-gathering position at Al Jazeera America's headquarters. After nearly two years with the 24 hour news network Sarah Jones left her position as a deputy news editor to pursue a fellowship with the International Reporting Project where she was given the opportunity to report on health and development from the country of her choice. Sarah choose the Philippines.

Prior to joining Al Jazeera America, Sarah Jones was freelancing as an International Assignment Editor for CNN at its headquarters in Atlanta; as an online and print journalist for Gulf News (Dubai); and as an online journalist for ITN’s Channel 4 (UK). In January 2013, while still freelancing within mainstream media, Sarah Jones launched P.S. BEARING WITNESS. Public Servants Bearing witness was a monthly publication focused on under reported news from around the world. Although Sarah had to cease publication of PS Bearing Witness due to company policy shortly after launching she continues to apply the projects founding principles to her journalism: "if someone in the world has encountered a situation that affects others it's our job as journalists to bear witness and report all sides of the story."

In September of 2011 Sarah Jones moved to CNN's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia for a freelance news-gathering position. As an International Desk Assignment Editor, Sarah was responsible for breaking news as well as the coordination and facilitation of editorial, logistical and technical details essential to news-gathering outside of the US. In her free time Sarah contributed to CNN's output of under reported news whether it was American Soldiers dying of Opiate Use in Afghanistan or China launching an online Marriage Registration in an effort to help fight Bigamy.

Prior to moving to Georgia, Sarah Jones was working for ITN News' bureau in the United States while continuing her freelance work with CNN's DC bureau. Her responsibilities while at ITN’s DC Bureau included pitching and providing interviewees; ingesting, recording and sending recorded material; monitoring breaking news; researching and monitoring longer investigative stories and monitoring feeds. As an ITN Channel 4 News freelance journalist Sarah’s investigative report regarding US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan was one of the most read articles several consecutive days: US troops were returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with an untreatable and incurable lung disease but were being dismissed as out of shape because their lung function tests appear normal.

Since joining CNN as a freelancer in June 2010 Sarah has provided tips for breaking news, shared rarely obtained footage she received from Sarah Jones Reports supporters, provided briefs for senior correspondents, originated and found all the interviewees for an investigative story at the request of the Special Investigations Unit and was assigned to take stills at various events - several of which qualified for the "Best of CNN Photos."

On May 5th 2011, a story which Sarah pitched and wrote based on her profile interview with the former Foreign Minister of Afghanistan was published by Gulf News which is part of one of the largest media groups in the Gulf region. In February Sarah freelanced on location as part of  five person team for all DC based filming of the documentary "9/11: The Day That Changed the World" which aired on September 11th, 2011. While in the Nation's Capital she also produced packages for Kuwait's English Language Channel, KTV2, as an On-Air Freelance International Correspondent.

Prior to moving to Washington DC, Sarah worked across all platforms within BBC World Service as part of its News planning team for the BBC's oldest and largest non-English Service. Within BBC Arabic her individual responsibilities were as follows: originating, commissioning and producing news stories and features, suggesting a line of interview questions for correspondents, writing briefs for reporters, following and amending information for ongoing stories, producing the weekly diary which is discussed during planning meetings, attending editorial meetings, attending pre-planning meetings, working on the daily, booking and coordinating any high profile interviews across all programming (not just news) and corresponding with reporters, and crew.

In the Fall of 2009, Sarah completed her Masters with Merit in International Broadcast Journalism from City University in London. In the summer of 2009, she produced a multimedia documentary about the US AIDs epidemic. While attending City University, Ms. Jones launched a blog featuring under reported news. Although she has had to cease working on the blog due to company policy at the BBC, No Camera No Intervention attracted a worldwide audience.

Prior to attending school in London, Sarah was invited to and successfully completed TOLs foreign correspondent course in the Czech Republic. She received her B.A. in Communications from Lake Forest College (LFC) in 2008. That same year, while completing her degree, Ms. Jones was also the associate producer of a biweekly news feature at ABC7 News Chicago. Her responsibilities for Someone You Should Know included researching and finding feature focuses, setting up and aiding in onsite interviews, in-studio airtime programming, and assisting in script-writing and editing. While working in a large market newsroom, Sarah continued writing for her weekly college newspaper, The Stentor. As founder and president of an on campus group combating global poverty, Sarah was able to see LFC's ONE group reach well over a hundred members.

Since 2006, Sarah Jones has participated in, organized and hosted numerous successful global poverty and humanitarian campaigns and fundraisers. In 2007/2008 Sarah successfully urged the state of Illinois to sign a proclamation declaring it a state committed to combating global poverty. Ms. Jones was recognized as one of the top 100 global poverty activists (Washington D.C., Power 100, 2008). Through activism, and unique life experiences, she has had the honor of posing general, and sometimes controversial, questions to several public officials including: former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Foreign Council on Foreign Relations Gene Sperling and Public Health Specialist of the Booster Program for Malaria Control in Africa for the World Bank, Suprotik Basu.

After two years of research at 14 years of age Sarah wrote a magazine about the most prevalent form of cancer among her age group at the time. Cancer Awareness Magazine (CAM for Kids) was aimed to provide awareness and information about Leukemia for young people. It was reviewed by Cleveland Clinic Foundations (CCF) Pediatric Oncology Department for medical content. After Dr. Michael Levin, CCFs Head of Pediatric Oncology, reviewed the publication, it was published by the American Cancer Society. The following institutions accepted Sarah Jones request to distribute CAM for Kids: The American Cancer Society, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, John Hopkins University Hospital, and Mt. Sinai Hospital (New York).

As an only child of a 19th century English Literature Professor and International Businessman, Sarah had the fortune of traveling internationally, fueling a deep appreciation and understanding for a vast array of cultures and traditions. As a member of the United States Fencing Association Ohio and On Target Fencing team, Sarah Jones qualified for the 2001 Junior Olympic Fencing Championship. She holds a red belt in Tae Kwon Do and has won silver medals in both sparing and form while competing in the Chun Ma Tae Kwon Do Academy Intramural Tournament. Sarah has also competed in track, kickboxing and basketball.

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